Applied Organometallic Chemistry

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May 2012

Volume 26, Issue 5

Pages 203–258

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    1. Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and biological activity of nano complexes of iron(III) of 3(2'-hydroxyphenyl)-5-(4′-substituted phenyl) pyrazolines and aspartic acid (pages 203–211)

      Afshan Siddiqui, Kajal Singh, Kanchan Lata Singh, Shailendra Kumar Gupta, Mohd Safi Ahmad and U. N. Tripathi

      Version of Record online: 11 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2835

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      Mixed ligand complexes of iron(III) with aspartic acid and 3(2’-hydroxy phenyl)-5-(4’-substituted phenyl) pyrazolines have been synthesized and physico-chemically characterized. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) studies have been carried out for powdered sample, which show nanometric particles for these derivatives. Antimicrobial activity shows that these complexes can be used as precursor of nano antibiotic and nano antifungal drug.

    2. An efficient solid-phase synthesis of substituted benzofuran using selenium-bound resin (pages 212–216)

      Yin jun Zhang and Yu guang Wang

      Version of Record online: 10 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2840

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      A library of substituted benzofuran has been synthesized using polymer-supported selenium resin. The advantages of the solid-phase synthesis method are good yields, high purity, straightforward operations, broad range and high diversity of the products, lack of odor, and good stability of the resins.

    3. Synthesis, spectral investigation and biological interphase of drug-based cytotoxic square pyramidal coordination compounds (pages 217–224)

      Mohan N. Patel, Bhupesh S. Bhatt, Promise A. Dosi, Narasimhacharya V. R. L. Amaravady and Hetal V. Movaliya

      Version of Record online: 12 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2841

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      Square pyramidal copper(II) complexes have been synthesized using ciprofloxacin and bipyridines. Their cytotoxic, antibacterial, DNA interaction and SOD mimic activity have also been evaluated.

    4. Copolymerization of styrene and norbornene with β-diketiminato nickel/methylaluminoxane catalytic system (pages 225–229)

      Yongfei Li, Qin Wu, Minyu Shan and Meili Gao

      Version of Record online: 10 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2843

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      β-Diketiminato nickel complexes were studied for catalytic polymerization of styrene and norbornene in the presence of MAO. An increase in the feed ratio of styrene/norbornene (S/N) led to an increase in the incorporated styrene content of the resulting copolymer. Structure characterization of the copolymers generated with the catalytic systems showed that the random styrene-norbornene copolymers are produced.

    5. Synthesis, characterization and anticancer studies of ferrocenyl complexes containing thiazole moiety (pages 230–236)

      Mokhles M. Abd-Elzaher, Samia A. Moustafa, Ammar A. Labib, Hanan A. Mousa, Mamdouh M. Ali and Abeer E. Mahmoud

      Version of Record online: 12 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2844

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      A ferrocenyl ligand was prepared and exploited to prepare complexes with some transition metals. Anticancer activity against breast cancer cell line MCF-7 was determined and compared with cisplatin.

    6. Synthesis and cytostatic activity of Pt(II) complexes of intramolecularly coordinated phosphine and stibine ligands (pages 237–245)

      Tomáš Řezníček, Libor Dostál, Aleš Růžička, Jaromír Vinklárek, Martina Řezáčová and Roman Jambor

      Version of Record online: 13 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2845

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      An intramolecularly coordinated phosphine and stibine ligands L1PPh2 (), L2PPh2 () L2SbPh2 () containing Y,C,Y-chelating ligands, L1 = 2,6-(tBuOCH2)2C6H4- and L2 = 2,6-(Me2NCH2)2C6H4-, were treated with PtCl2 to give complexes trans-{[2,6-(tBuOCH2)2C6H3]PPh2}2PtCl2 (), cis-{[2,6-(Me2NCH2)2C6H3]PPh2}PtCl2 (), and cis-{[2,6-(Me2NCH2)2C6H3]SbPh2}PtCl2 (). Complex {{[2-(Me2NCH2)-6-(Me2NHCH2)C6H3]PPh2}PtCl2}+Cl- () was also prepared as a water soluble platinum complex. Cytotoxic effect of complex was evaluated on human T-lymphocytic leukemia cells MOLT - 4 (IC50 = 27.6 ± 1.8 µmol/L) and human promyelocytic leukemia HL - 60 (IC50 = 55.9 ± 4.9 µmol/L).

    7. Symmetric and dissymmetric N-heterocyclic carbene rhodium(I) complexes: a comparative study of their catalytic activities in transfer hydrogenation reaction (pages 246–251)

      Süleyman Gülcemal

      Version of Record online: 12 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2857

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      Six new [RhBr(NHC)(cod)] type rhodium complexes have been prepared and characterized. Transfer hydrogenation (TH) reaction of acetophenone has been comparatively studied by using these complexes as catalysts to compare the effect of substituted aryl and benzyl groups to nitrogen atom of the imidazol(in)-2-ylidene.

    8. Epoxidation of styrene with molecular oxygen catalyzed by a novel oxovanadium(IV) catalyst containing two different kinds of ligands (pages 252–257)

      Zhifang Li, Lulu Liu, Jing Hu, Heng Liu, Shujie Wu, Qisheng Huo, Jingqi Guan and Qiubin Kan

      Version of Record online: 13 APR 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/aoc.2861

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      A novel oxovanadium(IV) catalyst (VO(acac:8-Q)-SBA-15) simultaneously containing 8-Hydroxyquinoline (8-Q) and acetylacetonate (acac) ligands has been successfully prepared. The catalyst showed high yield of styrene oxide (45.8%) and good recoverability for the epoxidation of styrene.

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