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Preparation of novel heterogeneous cation-permeable membranes from blends of sulfonated poly(phenylene sulfide) and poly(ether sulfone)



Novel heterogeneous cation-exchange membranes using poly (ether sulfone)(PES) as binder and sulfonated poly(phenylene sulfide) (SPPS) powder as polyelectrolyte were prepared by the solution casting-immersion method. Compared with a conventional route for heterogeneous membrane, the steps of milling resin into fine powders and the pressing at high temperature are avoided, and thus permits a simple technique for the preparation of such membrane. The effect of the particle size and loading of SPPS resin on the properties of the membranes such as ion-exchange capacity, water content, electrical resistance, transport number, diffusion coefficient of electrolytes, etc., have been studied. It is shown that the membrane fundamental properties are largely dependent on both the resin loading and the particle size of SPPS resin. By adjusting these two important parameters, one can obtain heterogeneous membrane with both good conductivity, selectivity, and proper water content for different industrial purposes such as electrodialysis, diffusional dialysis, etc. © 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 91: 167–174, 2004