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Blends of ethylene–methyl acrylate–acrylic acid terpolymers with ethylene–acrylic acid copolymers: Mechanical and thermomechanical properties



The effect of methyl acrylate content in ethylene–methyl acrylate–acrylic acid (E–MA–AA) terpolymers and acrylic acid content in ethylene–acrylic acid (E–AA) copolymers was investigated in blends of these two materials. The E–MA–AA terpolymer with 8 mol % methyl acrylate was not miscible with any E–AA material no matter what the AA content, whereas the terpolymer with only about 2 mol % methyl acrylate was miscible, at least to some extent, with the E–AA copolymer at high acrylic acid contents. Evidence supporting this conclusion derived from gloss, differential scanning calorimetry testing, and dynamic mechanical measurements. For the E–AA polymer material with the highest acid content, there was a synergistic effect for some properties at low added amounts of E–MA–AA copolymer; the tensile strength and hardness were 10% higher than values for the E–AA copolymer, even though the E–AA copolymer was much stiffer. © 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 91: 2216–2222, 2004

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