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Rheology of poly(propylene)/clay nanocomposites



The linear and nonlinear shear rheological behaviors of poly(propylene) (PP)/clay (organophilic-montmorillonite) nanocomposites (PP/org-MMT) were investigated by an ARES rheometer. The materials were prepared by melt intercalation with maleic anhydride functionalized PP as a compatibilizer. The storage moduli (G′), loss moduli (G″), and dynamic viscosities of polymer/clay nanocomposites (PPCNs) increase monotonically with org-MMT content. The presence of org-MMT leads to pseudo-solid-like behaviors and slower relaxation behaviors of PPCN melts. For all samples, the dependence of G′ and G″ on ω shows nonterminal behaviors. At lower frequency, the steady shear viscosities of PPCNs increase with org-MMT content. However, the PPCN melts show a greater shear thinning tendency than pure PP melt because of the preferential orientation of the MMT layers. Therefore, PPCNs have higher moduli but better processibility compared with pure PP.© 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 91: 2427–2434,2004