(1) The prognosis for adhesives uieful up to an hour at 1000°F., in air, is good. (2) Organic adhesives based on phenolic and silicone-phenolic resins are more capable than expected of usefulness at 1000°F. (3) Preparation of semiinorganic adhesives by reaction of heat stable organic polymers with inorganic reagents is feasible. (4) The prospect appears excellent for the achievement of adhesives to be used for 1000 hr. at 500°F., in air, on steel. (5) Despite research on 2000°F. adhesives, effort is still urgently needed on materials for use at lower temperatures. (6) Perhaps the area with the most serious shortage of information and research is the development and testing of adhesives for use at 180–500°F. for periods of three to five years. Both military and civilian agencies are planning the construction of supersonic transports which need such structural adhesives.