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Potential of adhesives for the future



Rapid technological advancements have contributed to the increasing application of adhesives. Because of these accomplishments, because of continuing materials research and process development activities, and because of their inherent advantages, adhesives have a great potential for the future. Requirements for the future impose a severe challenge on developmental capabilities. More severe structural requirements and environmental conditions may be expected. Because of increasing complexity and costs, there are requirements for significantly higher orders of reliability and lower fabrication costs. Improvements in bonding processes and development of comparatively new techniques are desirable. Test methods require further development and standardization—especially nondestructive methods. Continuing work in collecting and reporting pertinent information, especially on properties and design parameters for adhesive bonding is helping to advance the utilization of adhesives. Current trends indicate that adhesives are progressing from the realm of “art” to science, a factor which should substantially aid in advancing the future potential for adhesives.

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