Curing ethylene–propylene rubber terpolymers with dimethacrylate monomers. II. Effect of unsaturation



In a previous paper it was shown that the vulcanization obtained with ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer is equivalent or superior to that obtained with ethylene-propylene copolymer when a peroxide-dimethacrylate coagent cure system was used. In order to determine the effect of the unsaturation on the physical properties in the terpolymer, the terpolymer had been hydrogenated to remove the double bonds. Infrared spectra and bromination were used to check the extent of hydrogenation. Tensile strength, Shore A hardness, per cent elongation, and modulus indicated no decrease in vulcanization efficiency after hydrogenation. The data show that the unsaturation in the terpolymer does not contribute to the vulcanization cure with the peroxide-dimethacrylate coagent curing system.