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Cure of epoxy resins with aromatic amines: High heat-distortion studies


  • Paper presented to the Society of Plastics Engineers, 22nd Annual Technical Conferences, Montreal, Quebec, March 7, 1966.


Castings having unexpectedly high heat-distortion temperatures result when certain treated resins of the EPON 828 type and about 75% of the stoichiometric amount of m-phenylenediamine, are postcured for 10–20 hr. at 175–200°C. The improvement in heat-distortion temperature is about 100°C., to values as high as 250°C. A recrystallized resin has given the highest values. Other glycidyl ethers of polyphenols have shown this phenomenon to a lesser degree, but other amine curing agents, including isomers and substitution products of m-phenylenediamine, have not. Some evidence of a new curing reaction has been developed, by NMR and pyrolysis studies of model compounds, which supports the postulate that the m-phenylenediamine is alkylated with a fifth epoxy group during the postcure, presumably at a ring carbon, resulting in greater crosslinking.

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