Contact angle characteristics and breaking strength of paint plastic film


  • Prod. No. 1457


The advancing contact angle of water on plastic film coatings on metal was measured against both the air and the metal side surfaces after their being peeled off from the metal substrate. The plastic used was a methacrylate copolymer, and it was baked on cadmium, aluminum, nickel, iron, and gold. Contact angle for the air side was about 74° at 25°C. for all metals, but the values on the metal side differed considerably, ranging from 76° for gold to 50° for cadmium. At the same time the static breaking strengths of the same films were investigated by applying a knife-edge vertically to the film with increasing load and measuring the weight at which the electric resistance through the film became zero. Increasing film thickness gave increasing strength, but further thickening made the film weaker with a tendency for crack formation. The film–metal combinations of larger contact angle difference generally also showed the higher breaking strength.