Polymer miscibility in organic solvents and in plasticizers—a two-dimensional approach


  • Show-An Chen

    1. Chemical Engineering Department, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 63130
    Current affiliation:
    1. W. R. Grace & Co., Converted Plastics Group, Duncan, South Carolina 29334
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From thermodynamic considerations based on associated solution models and from the Hansen's three-dimensional solubility parameter concept, it is found that the solvent power of an organic liquid for a given polymer can be characterized by two parameters, δh and χH, where δh is the hydrogen-bonding solubility parameter of the liquid, and χH is a term which takes account of the dispersion and polar interactions between the liquid and the polymer and of the effects due to temperature and molecular size of the liquid. It is also found that Hansen's solubility sphere for the polymer can be represented as a solubility circle in the proposed χH−δh plane. The proposed approach is applied successfully to polymer–plasticizer systems.