Preparation and properties of a diaryl sulfone-containing unsaturated polyester



Thermoset poly(dipropoxylated bisphenol S–fumarate) showed an increase in heat deformation resistance over thermoset poly(dipropoxylated bisphenol A–fumarate). However, the poly(dipropoxylated bisphenol S–fumarate) required the incorporation of about 20 mole-% of dipropoxylated bisphenol A into the polyester molecule to be styrene compatible. Condensation polymerization of various ratios of the dipropoxylated bisphenols with fumaric acid was employed to prepare the polyesters. The polyesters were then thermoset by crosslinking with styrene using a peroxide initiator. The thermoset of a poly(dipropoxylated bisphenol S–fumarate), into which 20 mole-% of the dipropoxylated bisphenol A had been incorporated, had a heat distortion temperature 13°C higher than the poly(dipropoxylated bisphenol A–fumarate) thermoset.