Crosslinked poly(acryloylmorpholines) as matrices for gel permeation chromatography



Crosslinked poly(acryloylmorpholines) have been prepared in bead form by suspension polymerization of N-acryloylmorpholine and N,N′-methylenediacrylamide, respective molar ratios 10/1, in aqueous solution dispersed in liquid paraffin. The swelling properties of beads of two porosities, designated Enzacryl Gel K1 and Enzacryl Gel K2, were measured in a range of common solvents. Gels derived by swelling in both chloroform and tetrahydrofuran were evaluated as column packings for gel permeation chromatography. For Enzacryl Gel K1 and polystyrene solutes, molecular weight exclusion limits of approximately 4 × 103 and 6 × 102 were observed in chloroform and tetrahydrofuran, respectively. In the case of Enzacryl Gel K2, the corresponding exclusion limits were 104 and 5 × 103. Molecular weight fractionation ranges for both polystyrenes and polyethylene glycols are discussed in terms of gel structure.