Stabilization of poly(vinyl chloride). I. Change in color of poly(vinyl chloride) compounded with some metal soaps



Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) with one or more metal salts added was colored by the action of heat to investigate the stabilization mechanism. The coloration and the color difference of heated PVC compound films varied according to the metal salt added. The decoloration of the colored compound films was advanced markedly in THF, DMF, acetone, and ammonia. On the other hand, the heated achromatic PVC film containing Cd/Ba soaps underwent an opposite change, from colorless to yellow orange, in the above materials. This means that the coloration of heated compound films may result from the formation of some complex (for example, π complex of the polyene with the metal chloride). Furthermore, the colored film with cadmium stearate was decolored by roll mixing with the colored film containing barium stearate. These results indicate that the stabilization with metal soaps may be founded on a physical phenomenon such aa an effect of complementary color.