The synthesis and properties of several polypropargylpyridinium and polypropargylbipyridinium polyelectrolytes and their simple and complex tetracyanoquinodimethane ion-radical salts. I. Electrophysical properties



Poly(propargylpyridinium chloride), poly(propargy1-4-vinylpyridinium chloride), poly(propargyl-2,2-bipyridinium chloride), poly(propargyl-1-methyl-2,2-bipyridinium methylsulfate chloride), poly(N-ethyl-vinylpyridinium bromide), and poly(propargyl-2-hydroxyquinolium chloride) were synthesized and a number of simple and complex, tetracyanoquinodimethane ionradical polyelectrolytes were prepared from them. An attempt was made to understand how the molecular structure of these compounds manifests itself in their observed electrophysical properties. Our results show increased electroconductivity in cases of simple and complex ion-radical polyelectrolytes where the conjugated bond polymer “backbone” is in close proximity to dipyridyl polarizing side groups.