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Modification of poly(vinyl alcohol) fibers by hexamethylene diisocyanate



Poly(vinyl alcohol) multifilament yarn was modified by reaction with hexamethylene diisocyanate. The effects of reaction variables such as time, temperature, concentration of reagents, solvent, and atomosphere were studied. The role of solvent appears to be very important in the reaction. Dimethylformamide, on account of its swelling power, proved better than the solvents benzene, toluene, and dioxane. Physical properties of modified fibers were compared with those of the parent. Moisture regain of the modified samples decreased with increasing add-on percent. The elastic recovery was not improved, and there was little effect of the HMDI treatment on mechanical properties. The thermal stability of poly(vinyl alcohol) modified with diisocyanate with small add-on was slightly improved.

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