Effect of styrene grafting on diffusion and solubility of gases in polyethylene



Diffusion and solubility coefficient data of gases for styrene-grafted high-density polyethylene obtained by γ-irradiation are reported. Diffusion coefficients were determined by the time lag method. Solubility coefficients were determined by a new, more accurate static method. Densities and volume fractions of grafted polystyrene were calculated from the observed values of extent of grafting and density of the graft copolymer films. The solubility coefficients obey simple additivity in terms of volume fraction of side-chain polystyrene and amorphous polyethylene. However, behavior of the diffusion coefficients is more complex. Inasmuch as diffusion is a kinetic process, it is influenced by morphology. The experimental results reported here, together with x-ray diffraction and DSC data, provide a basis for discussing the morphology of the graft copolymers.