Thermal stability and molecular weight of two new boron–nitrogen polymers



Molecular weight and thermal stability measurements on the presumed polymers of aminoborane, H2BNH2, and aminodifluoroborane, F2BNH2, were explored using a laser light scattering technique for the molecular weight measurements and both differential thermal analyses and thermogravimetric analyses for the thermal stability studies. Weight-average molecular weight of polymeric aminodifluoroborane in water was determined as 23,000 g/mole, whereas the molecular weight of polymeric aminoborane could not be determined since a suitable solvent was not found. Both DTA and TGA observations showed partial decomposition of polymeric aminoborane between 135° and 200°C, and the vaporization of polymeric aminodifluoroborane between 250° and 360°C.