Grafting of nylon 66 with methyl methacrylate using dimethylaniline–benzyl chloride–acetic acid initiating system



Grafting of nylon 66 with methyl methacrylate (MMA) under the initiating influence of dimethylaniline (DMA)–benzyl chloride (BC)–acetic acid (AC) mixture was studied to discover optimal conditions for grafting. Results of this investigation showed that a mixture of water/ethanol at a ratio of 90:10 constitutes the most favorable medium for the grafting reaction. Optimal grafting occurred when a concentration of 0.16 mole/l. DMA plus 0.17 mole/l. BC plus 0.2 mole/l. AC was used. Using lower or higher concentrations of this initiator led to lower grafting. On the other hand, increasing MMA concentration brings about a significant increase in the graft yield. The same holds true for reaction time and temperature, though an induction period was observed at a lower temperature (65°C) and when lower monomer concentration (2%) was used.