Sorption and diffusion of water in glass ribbon-reinforced composites


  • Presented at 31st Annual Conference of the Reinforced Plastics/Composite Institute of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., at Washington, D. C., February 3–6, 1976.


The processes of sorption and diffusion of water in anisotropic glass ribbon-reinforced composite films of controlled structural and physical characteristics were investigated in terms of the film properties, e.g., geometry, orientation, and volume fraction of the filler; molding characteristics of the composite film; and the adhesion between the glass ribbon and continuous cellulose acetate matrix. While the diffusion of water through unfilled cellulose acetate film was found to be a simple activated process with very little concentration dependence, the diffusion behavior of glass ribbon-reinforced cellulose acetate was found to be anomalous and concentration dependent.