The retention and removal behavior of perchloroethylene and dichloromethane in polyester fabric



Polyester fabric was exposed to solvent at different bath temperatures. The retention of solvent by the fabric was determined. The removal of the retained solvent from the fabric was determined as a function of time and also as a function of temperature. The retention of perchloroethylene varied from >9% at 121°C to <0.01% at room temperature. The removal of perchloroethylene from the fabric was also a function of temperature, but even at 120°C significant quantities of perchloroethylene remained after 5 min of heating with nitrogen flow across the fabric. Dichloromethane was retained (>5%) at its boiling point and had similar slow removal rates as were found for perchloroethylene. Retention and removal rate data for both solvents as a function of time and temperature are presented.