Studies of polymer electrets. II. Factors governing the stabilities of homoelectrets obtained from polystyrene and its derivatives



Polystyrene and its various alkyl and halo derivatives have been studied as homoelectrets and their stabilities under different environmental conditions determined. The stabilities of the homoelectrets prepared from these polymers depended on their volume resistivities, glass transition temperatures, and interactions with electron-acceptor impurities. Excellent stabilities were exhibited by the homoelectrets prepared from polystyrene, poly(vinyltoluene), poly(chlorostyrene), and poly(t-butylstyrene). It is postulated that the charged particles are trapped by the π-orbitals of the phenyl rings present in these polymers and that they are adversely affected by the presence of electron-acceptor compounds that generally from charge-transfer complexes with the phenyl groups.