Polymerization of allyl methacrylate with wool fabric using different initiators



Polymerization of allyl methacrylate (AMA) with wool fabrics using different initiators, namely, potassium persulphate, Fe2+[BOND]H2O2, benzoyl peroxide, ceric ammonium nitrate, and vanadium pentanitrate, was investigated. The percent of polymer add-on depends upon the type and concentration of the initiator. Addition of metallic salts such as Fe3+ to the polymerization system enhances polymerization significantly when benzoyl peroxide and potassium persulphate are used independently as initiator. The opposite holds true for ceric ammonium nitrate and vanadium pentanitrate. With Fe2+[BOND]H2O2, on the other hand, the enhancement is marginal. Also studied was the incorporation of Li+, Cu++, and Fe3+ at different concentrations in AMA—wool–benzoyl peroxide polymerization systems. Determination of the polymer add-on on the basis of double bond analysis revealed that the remained double bond is governed by the magnitude of the polymer add-on as well as by the type of initiator.