The effect of four different types and concentrations of plasticizers on some physical properties of poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) has been studied. DOP, DOA, TTP, and Hex were used as plasticizers in concentration levels of up to 24% of PVC weight. The plasticized and unplasticized PVC were processed into sheets by compression molding. The sheets were tested for their vicat softening point, shore D hardness, flexural properties, and dynamic fatigue. It was found that the vicat softening point, shore D hardness, flexural yield strength, and flexural modulus decrease with increase in plasticizer concentration, though in some cases a threshold concentration must be passed before these effects can be observed. Close similarities were always found in the behavior of DOP and DOA and also between TTP and Hex. It was found in the study of flexural fatigue properties of PVC plasticized by DOP that an increase in plasticizer concentration led to a decrease in load bearing ability only at stress levels above 20 MPa.