Glass transitions of styrene/α-methylstyrene statistical copolymers and of their blends with PPO® resin



The glass transition temperatures (Tg) and specific heat increments (ΔCp) at Tg of S/AMS statistical copolymers having weight fractions AMS of 0.00, 0.09, 0.17, 0.26, 0.36, and 0.44 are (by DSC) 380.0 (0.280), 384.2 (0.275), 388.8 (0.284), 391.5 (0.275), 398.3 (0.272), and 405.9 (0.27) °K (J·g ·deg), respectively. The TgCp) for the PPO resin are 492.2 (0.221). The glass transitions of P(S/AMS) (1) + PPO resin (2) blends having w2 = 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 were also measured. Examination of the copolymer and blend Tg vs. composition data indicates that a relation recently proposed by Couchman gives a somewhat better approximation than the simple Fox relation. However, the nonadjustable k = ΔCp2/ΔCp1 constant in the Couchman relation must be replaced by a smaller empirical k to give a true match of calculated to observed Tg.