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Rheology-processing-property relationships in tubular blown film extrusion. II. Low-pressure low-density polyethylene



An experimental investigation was undertaken to establish rheology-processing-property relationships in the tubular blown film extrusion of low-pressure low-density polyethylene (LP-LDPE). For the study, three commercial LP-LDPE resins, each from a different resin manufacturer, were used in producing tubular films, by employing the apparatus described in Paper I of this series. Both molecular and rheological characterizations of the resin were conducted, enabling us to interpret the tubular film blowing characteristics of the resins. Correlations were obtained between the processing variables (namely, blowup and takeup ratios) and the tensile properties of the films. The tubular film blowing characteristics of LP-LDPE and HP-LDPE resins are compared. Differences in the rheological properties (namely, elongational viscosity) of the two types of resin are used in explaining the experimentally observed differences in their tubular film blowability.

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