Ether- and ester-based prepolymeric diols suitable for polyurethane elastomer formation were prepared from polyoxytetramethyleneglycol and polyoxytetramethylene–oxypropyleneglycol with dicarboxylic acids like adipic acid, maleicacid, and phthalic acid. Crosslinked polyurethane elastomers were prepared from these prepolymers using various concentrations of trimethylolpropane as a crosslinker and toluenediisocyanate as the curing agent. Crosslinked polyurethanes were also prepared by a method taking excess toluenedisocyanate other than that of the stochiometric requirement and curing it at a comparatively higher temperature. The data on mechanical properties of these elastomers show that both methods of crosslinking in polyurethane imparts a similar effect on mechanical properties.