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Characterization of interfacial interactions in high density polyethylene filled with glass spheres using dynamic-mechanical analysis



The dynamic-mechanical properties of high density polyethylene filled with 20% by volume of untreated glass spheres or glass spheres treated with a silane-based coupling agent were studied as a function of temperature and imposed tensile deformation. The coupling agent used is capable of providing covalent bonding between the polymeric matrix and the glass spheres. It is assumed that an interphase region is formed in the matrix around each filler particle with properties depending on the surface treatment of the filler, but different to that of the bulk matrix. It is shown how the mechanical loss factor can be used to characterize the properties of the interphase region and the degree of adhesion between the two phases, as affected by the surface treatment. We suggest that these kinds of measurements can be valuable when determining the effectiveness of various surface treatments of filler particles from a mechanical point of view.

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