Dynamic mechanical analysis of bismaleimidodiphenyl methane and diallylbisphenol-A crosslinked polymers



Crosslinked compositions prepared from bismaleimidodiphenyl methane and diallylbisphenol A in the weight ratio of 0.99 to 1.31 have been subjected to dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA). The glass transition temperatures of all these fully cured compositions are above 300°C. The stoichiometry of the reactants in the above range does not change the thermal degradation pattern of these crosslinked polymers. DMTA shows that there is a very small decrease in storage modulus at room temperature with increasing amount of diallylbisphenol A. The glass trnasition temperature decreases slightly as the amount of diallylbisphenol A increases; the Tg range is 330–339°C.