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Coextrusion of it-polypropylene film



it-Polypropylene films were coextruded by using dies of varying extrusion draw ratio (EDR) from 2–10. Among the resulting films, the film coextruded at EDR 9 possesses the most attractive superstructure and the highest modulus. The dynamic modulus at room temperature was 7 GPa and an αc dispersion peak occurred at 100°C in E″-temperature curves, which is higher by about 20°C than that of the multistep zone-drawn and zone-annealed fibers previously reported. Further, to prepare films with higher draw ratio and higher modulus, repetition of the coextrusion was attempted. Consequently, the draw ratio and the E′ at room temperature reached 12 and 13 GPa, respectively. The present paper discusses changes in molecular orientation, crystallinity, uniformity of the superstructure, and dynamic viscoelasticity, with increasing of the used EDR and repeating the coextrusion with some combinations of EDR.

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