Fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry of disaccharide polyether polyols



The products resulting from the propoxylation of sucrose and lactose under alkaline conditions have been studied using FAB mass spectrometry. Soft desorption/ionization, using fast atoms, was expected to show intense protonated molecules for each component of the reaction mixture, thus allowing the extent of propoxylation to be examined under various conditions. However, it appears that addition of the FAB matrix, namely thioglycerol, prior to mass spectral analysis, resulted in alteration of the analyte via hydrolysis/dehydration, with protonated molecules appearing only for matrix/analyte reaction products, and not the original compounds which were to be examined. The resulting mass spectra, however, provided information regarding the extent of propoxylation and were consistent with results obtained by other researchers examining acetylated sugars using CI-MS.