Induced crystallization of cellulose in never-dried cotton fibers


  • Part of the results reported here were presented as poster in Session 9 “Crystallisation Phenomena” of the International Symposium on Polymeric Materials, San Sebastian, Basque, Spain, August, 1987.


In the present investigation, we have made a systematic study of the induced crystallization in never-dried cotton fiber, by allowing it to desiccate under different conditions of humidity and temperature. The resulting structural changes have been followed using x-ray diffraction and infrared absorption techniques. A slow rate of drying coupled with a high temperature was more conducive for maximum crystallization. Analysis of the effect of temperature on the induced crystallization showed possible existence of a thermal transition in cellulose around 30°C. The induced crystallization brought about by slow drying as well as those produced using intercrystalline swelling agents, have been shown to be resulting from a proper channelization of the interfibrillar mobility existing in the never-dried fibers.