Permeation of several gases through elastomers, with emphasis on the deuterium/hydrogen pair



The diffusion and permeation coefficients for He, H2, D2, O2, and N2 in a variety of elastomers were measured by simple manometric methods. The elastomers studied were butyl rubber; Hypalon® 40 and 45; Viton® E60 and GF; Hydrin® 100 and filled Hydrin® 100; Kraton® G, FG, and KG VTEOS; EPDM; epoxidized natural rubber; and neoprene. Consistent with earlier studies, elastomers with higher glass transition temperatures exhibited lower diffusion coefficients. The ratio of diffusion coefficients of the hydrogen isotope pair differed from the purely molecular-weight-based prediction. Deuterium's slightly smaller size relative to hydrogen is consistent with observed deviations from the molecular-weight-based diffusion coefficient ratio. © 1993 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.