Allyl ether-modified unsaturated polyesters for UV/air dual-curable coatings. II: UV and air-curing behavior



The photoinduced and peroxide-induced polymerization behavior of dual-curable allyl ether-modified unsaturated polyester (AUPE) and vinyl ether (VE) used as a reactive diluent for dual-curable coating have been studied by infrared spectroscopy (IR). For UV curing systems in N2 atmosphere, the maleate's conversion and total conversion decrease with the increasing of allyloxy content. However, the rate and of copolymerization and conversion of VE are independent of allyloxy concentration. The copolymerization of allyl ether (AE) and vinyl ether occurs in the presence of maleate (MA) under UV irradiation. For air curing, the rate of copolymerization increases with allyloxy content. The ultimate conversion is the same irrespective of the allyloxy concentration. Because the electron-rich double bond of allyloxy would become an electron-deficient one through oxidation, the conversion of maleate decreases with increasing of the allyloxy content due to the enhancement of copolymerization of AE with VE. The ATR-IR showed that different curing mechanisms occur in AUPE/VE system during air-curing process. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 92: 2771–2776, 2004