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Complexation of titanium alkoxides with pentenoic acid and allylacetoacetate and their hydrolysis and addition reactions with H-silanes



Complexation reactions of titanium tetraethoxide [Ti(OEt)4] and titanium tetra-n-butoxide [Ti(OBun)4] with 3-pentenoic acid (PA) and allylacetoacetate (AAA), in a 1 : 1M ratio, were studied in ethanol solution at room temperature. 13C-NMR and FTIR spectra showed that all PA and AAA completely reacted with both titanium alkoxides. Hydridosilane compounds such as triethoxysilane and triethylsilane were added to titanium chelate complexes in a 1 : 1M ratio. The investigation of products by 13C- and 29Si-NMR and FTIR showed additions of [BOND]SiH to the C[DOUBLE BOND]C double bond. The hydrolysis of titanium–PA and AAA complexes, by water in 1 : 4 ratios, resulted in released PA in an amount of 10% and AAA of 20%. The stability of hydrolyzed products was investigated by 13C-NMR, 29Si-NMR, and FTIR. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 95: 790–796, 2005