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Molecular transport of n-alkanes through diol chain-extended polyurethane membranes


  • This article is Center of Excellence in Polymer Science (CEPS) Communication No. 42.


Molecular transport of n-alkanes was investigated by calculating sorption, diffusion, and permeation of liquids through the diol chain-extended polyurethane (PU) membranes in the temperature interval 25–60°C. Sorption experiments were performed gravimetrically. Diffusion coefficients were calculated from Fick's equation. These results showed a dependency on the nature and size of interacting n-alkane molecules as well as morphology of the chain-extended PUs. Transport kinetics followed an anomalous trend. Using the temperature-dependent transport parameters, activation energies were calculated for diffusion and permeation processes using an Arrhenius equation. The van't Hoff relationship was used to obtain enthalpy and entropy of sorption. Concentration profiles of liquids through PU membranes were computed using Fick's equation, solved under appropriate initial and boundary conditions. A correlation was attempted between transport properties of liquids and physicomechanical properties of PU membranes. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 96: 874–882, 2005