• aliphatic amine-based benzoxazine;
  • char yield;
  • crosslink density;
  • dynamic mechanical analysis;
  • polybenzoxazine;
  • Tg;
  • thermal stability


A series of linear aliphatic diamine-based benzoxazine monomers has been polymerized into transparent, crosslinked specimens that are free of voids and have good mechanical integrity. The density of these polybenzoxazines is measured as a function of the amine chain length. Dynamic mechanical analysis of these linear aliphatic polybenzoxazines shows two, chain length dependent transitions. Properties, such as room temperature modulus, glass transition temperature, crosslink density, thermal degradation temperature, and char yield, of the polybenzoxazines are investigated as a function of the chain length. All these properties exhibit strong dependence on the chain length. These aliphatic amine-based polybenzoxazines are found to be much more flexible than the bisphenol-type polybenzoxazines. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 101: 2798–2809, 2006