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Fe(2-EHA)3/Al(i-Bu)3/hydrogen phosphite catalyst for preparing syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene



Polymerizing 1,3-butadiene into syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene with an iron(III) catalyst system has been investigated. Activity of the catalyst was affected by the type of cocatalyst alkylaluminum and the phosphorus compound as an electron donor, molar ratio of catalyst components, and their aging sequence and aging time of the catalyst. The microstructure and configuration of the polymer was decided by the catalyst components, the higher [Al]/[Fe] molar ratio tending to yield syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene, while the higher [P]/[Fe] molar ratio favors the formation of amorphous 1,2-polybutadiene. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 100: 4265–4269, 2006