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Surface modification of aramid fibers with γ-ray radiation for improving interfacial bonding strength with epoxy resin



Co60 γ-ray radiation as a simple and convenient method for surface modification of Armos aramid fibers was introduced in this article. Two kinds of gas mediums, N2 and air, were chosen to modify aramid fiber surface by γ-ray irradiation. After fiber surface treatment, the interlaminar shear strength values of aramid/epoxy composites were enhanced by about 17.7 and 15.8%, respectively. Surface elements of aramid fibers were determined by XPS, the analysis of which showed that the ratio of oxygen/carbon was increased. The crystalline state of aramid fibers was determined by X-ray diffraction instrument. The surface topography of fibers was analyzed by atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscope. The degree of surface roughness and the wettability of fiber surface were both enhanced by γ-ray radiation. The results indicated that γ-ray irradiation technique, which is a suitable way of batch process for industrialization, can significantly improve the surface properties of aramid fibers reinforced epoxy resin matrix composites. © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 2007