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Adsorption and recognition properties of ionic imprinted polyamine IIP-PEI/SiO2 towards Pb2+ ion



In this article, an ionic imprinted polyamine (IIP) grafted on the surface of silica gel was prepared through a new surface imprinting approach. The adsorption and recognition properties of IIP-PEI/SiO2 for Pb2+ ion were studied in detail using batch rebinding studies. The experimental results showed that the IIP-PEI/SiO2 had high affinity, specificity, and selectivity for the template ion. The isothermal adsorption data was fit using the Langmuir equation. The adsorption was typical of chemisorption of a monolayer. The selectivity coefficients relative to Zn2+ and Cr3+ were 32.43 and 68.36, respectively. pH and temperature were found to have a strong influence on the adsorption properties. The adsorption amount increases with rising of temperature and the value of ΔH is plus. The adsorption of Pb2+ by IIP-PEI/SiO2 was spontaneous and endothermic. At pH = 7, the adsorption capacity of the polymers was the highest. © 2009 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2009