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Tensile performance and crack propagation of coated woven fabrics under multiaxial loads



The tensile performance of coated woven fabrics under multiaxial loads is examined in the present study. Two groups of experiments were conducted to investigate the influences of the configuration of the fabric specimen and the loading speed on the multiaxial tensile properties of the fabrics. The configuration of the specimen for the multiaxial tensile tests is identified as gear-shape with large arm widths. A loading speed of lower than 20 mm/min is suggested to obtain the tensile properties of the coated woven fabrics under multiaxial loads. The tensile performances of coated woven fabrics under uni-, bi-, and multiaxial loads were compared. We found that the tensile performances under bi- and multiaxial loads are much better than those under uniaxial loads. Therefore, for the application of the coated woven fabrics in lightweight structures, biaxial or multiaxial loading conditions will be necessary. Experiments on the specimens with an initial crack in the center under multiaxial loads show that, by comparison with other loading directions, the tensile properties in warp direction of the coated woven fabrics play an important role in the failure performance and crack propagation under multiaxial loads. To eliminate the dependence on the mechanical properties in warp direction, the balance of the two principle directions of coated woven fabrics should be improved. © 2009 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2009