• shape recovery;
  • shape retention;
  • celite;
  • urethane;
  • cross-linking


Celite, a porous inorganic material with enormous surface area and hydroxyl groups on the surface, was used as a cross-linker of polyurethane (PU) copolymer chains to improve its shape memory and mechanical properties. PU copolymers with different Celite contents were prepared and characterized by IR, DSC, and universal testing machine. The glass transition temperature of PU copolymers was maintained around 20°C independent of Celite content. The shape memory and mechanical properties were dependent on when Celite was added during the polymerization reaction. The reaction in which Celite was added at the middle stage of polymerization showed the best shape memory and mechanical properties. The best shape recovery of PU was found at 0.3 wt % Celite and increased to 97% even after the third cycle. Likewise, the shape retention also maintained a remarkable 86% after three cycles. The reasons underlining the high shape recovery and shape retention by adopting Celite as a cross-linker are discussed in this article. © 2009 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2010