Synthesis and characterization of crosslinked phenolic-typed beads by dispersion polycondensation of 2-phenoxyethanol with formaldehyde



A novel dispersion polymerization of 2-phenoxyethanol (PE) with formaldehyde for the preparation of crosslinked phenolic-typed beads (CPBs) is reported. Monodisperse CPBs with particle sizes in the range 400–700 μm were obtained. The dispersion polymerization of PE with formaldehyde was conducted with hydroxyethyl cellulose, concentrated sulfuric acid, and formic acid as a stabilizer, catalyst, and solvent, respectively. The effects of reaction variables, including the polymerization temperature, agitation rate, molar ratio of formaldehyde to 2-phenoxyethanol (F/P), stabilizer concentration, and amount of the catalyst on the particle size, particle size distribution, and morphology, were investigated. Particularly, CPBs of a size 604 μm and a narrow particle size distribution (polydispersity index = 1.193) were prepared under the following conditions: polymerization temperature = 60°C, agitation rate = 700 rpm, stabilizer concentration = 2.5%, F/P = 3 : 1, and amount of catalyst = 8 mL. The resulting CPBs were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and laser particle analysis. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2010