• flame retardant;
  • cellulosic fibers;
  • atmospheric pressure plasma;
  • SiO2;
  • coating;
  • crosslinking;
  • TEOS


Flame retardant cellulosic materials have been produced using a silicon dioxide (SiO2) network coating. SiO2 network armor was prepared through hydrolysis and condensation of the precursor tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS), prior coating the substrates, and was cross linked on the surface of the substrates using atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) technique. Because of protection effects of the SiO2 network armor, the cellulosic based fibers exhibit enhanced thermal properties (characterized by TGA and DSC) and improved flame retardant (proven by ASTM D1230-99). Furthermore, the surface analysis (XPS and SEM) confirmed the presence of the SiO2 network attached to the substrates even after intense ultrasound washes. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2010