Surface activity and micellar behavior of dimethylamino- and trimethylammonium- tipped oxyethylene–oxybutylene diblock copolymers in aqueous media



Surface activity and micellar behavior in aqueous media in the temperature range 20–50°C of the two block copolymers, Me2N(CH2)2OE39B18, (DE40B18) and IMe3N+(CH2)2OE39B18, (TE40B18) in the premicellar and postmicellar regions have been studied by surface tensiometry, viscometry, and densitometry. Where E represents an oxyethylene unit while B an oxybutylene unit. Various fundamental parameters such as, surface excess concentrations (Γm), area per molecule (amath image) at air/water interface and standard Gibbs free energy for adsorption, ΔGmath image have been investigated for the premicellar region at several temperatures. The thermodynamic parameters of micellization such as, critical micelle concentrations, CMC, enthalpy of micellization, ΔHmath image, standard free energy of micellization ΔGmath image, and entropy of micellization ΔSmath image have also been calculated from surface tension measurements. Dilute solution viscosities have been used to estimate the intrinsic viscosities, solute-solvent interaction parameter and hydration of micelle. Partial specific volume and density of the micelle were obtained from the density measurements at various temperatures. The effect of modifying the end group of the hydrophilic block was investigated by comparing the behavior of trimethylammonium- and dimethylamino-tipped copolymers, designated TE40B18, and DE40B18, respectively. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2010