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Optical properties of modified epoxy resin with various oxime derivatives in the UV-VIS spectral region



Optical absorbance measurements have been performed on the epoxy resin and the composites prepared by its modification with two different oxime derivatives (benzaldoxime and 2-furaldoxime) in the wavelength interval of 190–680 nm by unpolarized light. Using the experimental absorbance data, dielectric constant and refractive index dispersion have been determined by means of standard oscillator fit procedure. Moreover, based on the dispersion analysis, direct and indirect band gap energies of the samples have been calculated. It is found that direct band energy for epoxy is nearly 3.49 eV, while its value for the oxime derivatives has been increased up to the 4.15 eV. Another important result to be pointed out is that the absorbance for the 2-furaldoxime doped resin has been greatly increased in a respectively, narrow interval (∼ 30 nm wide) in the UV region, while in the case for the benzaldoxime doped sample, a decreasing has been observed in the absorbance at the same region. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2011