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APP_33919_sm_supptable1.doc71KSupporting Table1. Statistical Analysis for Specific Surface Area Measurement of Different Particles by BET.
APP_33919_sm_supptable2.doc71KSupporting Table 2. Statistical Analysis for Abrasion of the Compounds.
APP_33919_sm_supptable3.doc71KSupporting Table 3. Statistical Analysis for Tensile Strength of the Compounds.
APP_33919_sm_supptable4.doc71KSupporting Table 4. Statistical Analysis for Modulus 100% of the Compounds.
APP_33919_sm_supptable5.doc72KSupporting Table 5. Statistical Analysis for Modulus 300% of the Compounds
APP_33919_sm_supptable6.doc72KSupporting Table 6. Statistical Analysis for Elongation of the Compounds

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