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Negative dielectric constant and electrical conductivity of Au/n-Si (111) Schottky barrier diodes with PVA/Ni,Zn interfacial layer



In this study, the dielectric properties and alternating-current (ac) conductivity of Au/(PVA/Ni,Zn acetates)/n-Si Schottky diodes (SDs) were determined by the measurement impedance technique. Dielectric properties and electrical conductivity of Au/(PVA/Ni,Zn acetates)/n-Si SDs in the frequency range of 0.5 kHz to 10 MHz and voltage range of −2 to 5 V were investigated in detail using experimental CV and G–V measurements. Experimental results show that the values of the dielectric constant (ε′), dielectric loss (ε″), and tan δ obtained from the measured capacitance and conductance have been a strong function of frequency and applied voltage, and the values of ε′ have been unexpectedly found to be negative, especially at high voltages. Other parameters of Au/(PVA/Ni,Zn acetates)/n-Si SDs, such as ac electrical conductivity (σac), the real part of electric modulus (M′), and the imaginary part of electric modulus (M″) varied with changing frequency for various voltages. The main propose of this study is to discuss the polymeric interfacial layer at metal and semiconductor affect and probe the dielectric properties of Au/(PVA/Ni,Zn acetates)/n-Si SDs regarding the negative capacitance as a function of frequency and voltage. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci, 2011