Polymers in Membrane Science


This special issue, on membrane science, kicks off a series of thematic issues from the Journal of Applied Polymer Science that are meant to showcase both the great polymer science that is happening around the world in the specific area with which the issue deals, as well as the sheer breadth of research featuring regularly in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

We are starting the series with membrane science, as we believe this to be a crucial area for many of the technological challenges faced by the world today in materials. Membranes are, in fact, fundamental in batteries and fuel cells, as in the paper by Morancho and co-workers, water treatment, as showcased by Palacios-Jaimes, and catalysis and biomedical applications, as demonstrated by Mohy Eldin et al., as well as the work of Ye Tao and collaborators. Materials ranging from synthetic polyvinylene fluoride (PVDF) to biocompatible chitosan to renewably-sourced polylactide, and on to composites with zirconium solid acids or natural rubber and carbon black, are all well-represented here to give a snapshot of where membranes will be applied tomorrow and, most importantly, for applied scientists, how.

All of these applications and materials, and many more, are regularly represented in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, the largest peer-reviewed publication in polymer science, which, in its long history dating back to the fifties and legendary founder Hermann Mark, has always strived to bring to its readers the broadest possible perspective on the applications of polymers. As polymers are involved in so many areas of materials science, and fundamental in so many applications ranging from dental materials to packaging, we would not have it any other way.

This editorial also marks the first outing of the new management of the journal. We have many new features and contents in store for the near future, which you can read about here, and we hope you will enjoy our renewed journal and will find it increasingly rewarding to be one of our authors. We are looking forward to meet in person with as many as possible throughout the vast family of scientists and engineers in polymer applications, both in academia as well as in industry, starting with a reception we will hold for the relaunch of the journal at the World Polymer Congress in Blacksburg, Virginia at the end of June.

After these journal announcements, on each of which we will come back at length in the next few months, it is now time to dive into the science of membranes and their applications.

Dr. Stefano Tonzani Managing Editor*, * Journal of Applied Polymer Science.