Cover Image, Volume 130, Issue 6



When ferroelectric materials are prepared as quasi-one-dimensional nanostructure arrays or mesoscale structures with a high aspect ratio, their exceptional properties attract attention in the fields of non-volatile memory devices and nano-generators. Dongjin Kim et al. on page 3842 synthesize the ferroelectric phase in mesoscale rod form by combining the recipe for crystallizing the β phase using dimethyl sulfoxide at a low temperature, and template-guided infiltration processing using anodized aluminum oxide (AAO). The results serve as a processing platform for flexible electronic devices that need high capacitance with piezoelectric functionality. The cover shows a top-view SEM image of vertically aligned ferroelectric polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) mesoscale rod arrays comprising β and γ phases, fabricated using a 200-nm diameter AAO as the porous template.