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Preparation and characterization of cardanol-based epoxy resin for coating at room temperature curing


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Novel organic solvent-free bio-based epoxy resin for coating was prepared from cashew nut shell liquid which is one of renewable resources. The epoxy coating was fabricated by the reaction between amine compounds and epoxy cardanol prepolymer (ECP). The drying, physical, and thermal properties of the epoxy were investigated and compared with those of the commercial cashew coating. The ECP was synthesized by thermal polymerization under the various conditions. Based on the FT-IR analysis, hydroxyl and carbonyl groups were generated, and viscosity increased with increasing heating temperature and time. On the other hand, the NMR analysis showed decrease in the degree of unsaturation in the side group of cardanol. Based on these results, the polymerization of the ECP could be autoxidized in the unsaturated group in the side chains. The drying time until harden dry of the ECP coating took about 2.5 h at room temperature, which is faster than that of the commercial cashew coating. This is because that the curing of ECP coating was based on the prepolymer (i.e., high molecular weight) and crosslink reaction between epoxy and amine groups. The ECP coating was rubbery state due to the flexible side chains of cardanol. Furthermore, the ECP coating improved chemical stability compared with the commercial cashew. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 130: 2468–2478, 2013